The Best Cycling Glasses: Who’s The Best?

Cycling Glasses

Cycling safety has always been a concern for cyclists. Apart from the safety gear, what you wear on your head is also important. It can protect your eyes from flying debris, dust, and bugs.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when buying biking glasses:

  • The shape of the lens that will determine how much light gets in and protects your eyes from harsh UV rays.
  • The type of material that will protect against impact to a higher degree.
  • The level of ventilation which could make you feel uncomfortable in hot weathers.

My list does take sunglass prices into account, but I look primarily at what the glasses have to offer and not put the most well-known glasses first most of the time.

There isn’t any one particular best set of glasses that’ll work for everyone. The right set of biking glasses will depend on how you bike, when you go biking, and your budget. The glasses below try to hit all biking environments so that at least one of these should be perfect for you.

So let me show you the best choices according to my criteria to give you some great candidates for your new sunglasses.

Oakley Radar EV Sunglasses

Oakley Mens Radar EV

Best All-Around Glasses

Oakley is long known for having some of the best sunglasses and the Radar EV help you see crystal clear in the bright sun.




  • Oakley is well-known for their quality so you know it’ll be a good set of sunglasses
  • Blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC sunlight.  Blocking UVC is fairly rare and what I consider one of the shining features of these.
  • Polarized (well, Oakley’s version which is Prizm)
  • Anti-Scratch and very light

Oakley has a proven reputation in the industry for making some of the best sunglasses you can get.  The Radar EV are a prime example and they even have an amazing price that competes with the budget brands.

The Radar EV have what Oakley calls High Definition Optics (HDO) which is a fancy way of saying they have very clear optics so you won’t get any blur when looking through them.  They of course provide protection against UVA, UVB, and UVC sun rays.

While Oakley lists these as non-polarized, they have Oakley’s version which is the Prizm lenses which will block out intense sunlight reflecting off of surfaces like water or snow.  This is really important no matter which sunglasses you get as there is always the potential for reflections in the bright sun so you need to be able to handle it without the lens flare effect.  Blocking out the visible light transmission like that is a strong point of these glasses.

Beyond that, the Radar EV glasses are plastic and very light so you won’t even notice you are wearing them.

Torege Sports Sunglasses

Torege Sports

Best Multi-Lens Glasses

These Torege sunglasses come with 3 interchangeable lenses so they can be used cycling during the day, driving, or even biking at night with only one purchase.




  • Cheap sunglasses with very high reviews
  • Blocks UVA and UVB sunlight
  • Comes with yellow lenses for low light biking

Torege isn’t the most well-known brand, but they are priced like budget glasses, more than 10,000 reviews like they’re made of gold, and they come with multiple lenses you can switch out.  This is sign of an amazing set of sunglasses when you’re talking under $25!

The day lenses block the usual UVA and UVB rays. If it blocked UVC that would be even better but often you have to get the more expensive Oakleys to get that.

The lens that is for driving (the black lens) is polarized to stop those intense sun glares off of reflective surfaces.

The night lens (the yellow one) is meant for riding at night.  To be honest, the yellow is ok at night, but if you really are biking at night, I would go with clear lenses.  I have a post here on the site that lists the best night cycling glasses if you’re interested.

These have the usual plastic lens and frames and they even are scratch-resistant.  Fairly usual but these do have all the things you would expect and some you wouldn’t at a price that is a steal!

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet

Non-Slip Glasses at Budget Price

Tifosi generally makes higher-end sunglasses, and this model with all of the bells and whistles is very reasonably priced. Tifosi glasses fit amazing and feel great to wear.




  • Tifosi is a higher-end brand known for quality
  • Anti-slip nose pads
  • Very light

Tifosi glasses are more of a high-end brand and usually fairly expensive to pick up.  This is one of their “budget” sunglasses that has all of the bells and whistles of the more expensive brands but at a real deal.

One of the best things about these Tifosi’s is how well they fit.  It has the well-known adjustable nose piece, which is an innovation in itself.  The rubber of the adjustable nose pads is actually hydrophilic rubber which is soft, but will not become slippery no matter how much sweat you get on them.  This means they stay put which if you ride like me is a breath of fresh air to have sunglasses that just stay put and don’t need to be constantly adjusted.

Aside from that, they really are light sunglasses.  They are made of a type of nylon material Tifosi designed which is both very light but also very durable.  Like I said, these glasses are made like the best of the ones they make but this pair happens to be really reasonable in price.

I mean, they even come with their own shell case to protect them at this price range!

100% S2 Sports Sunglasses

100% S2 Sports

Quality from Up-and-coming Maker

These cycling sunglasses aren’t as widely known but they have a range of features which lets them compete with the big boys.




  • 100% is another well-known brand that makes high-quality glasses
  • Blocks UVA and UVB sunlight
  • Comes with additional clear lens for night biking

These great glasses from 100% have the usual features like blocking UVA and UVB, being made of plastic and being stratch-resistant like many of the other glasses out there.

So what makes this one different?

There are two reasons. The first is that the lenses are both hydrophobic and oleophobic so they repel water, dirt, and oil like it’s magic.

The other is that these sunglasses come with a spare clear lens and an alternative-fitting nose pad gives you an adjustable nose pad but in a different way.  The clear lens part is what I find the most interesting, as it means you can pop in their clear lenses and these become great eye protection on the cloudy days or when riding your bike at night.


RockBros Polychromatic Glasses

RockBros Photochromic Glasses

Photochromic Glasses on a Budget

These goggles are photochromic so they’re tinted during the day but clear at night. They are made of plastic with an anti-scratch coating so they are very durable.




  • Photochromic so they are tinted during the day and almost clear at night
  • Full frame glasses
  • Light for a sturdy structure

What I like about these glasses are that they have tinted for when you’re out cycling during the day, but at night they become clear due to them being photochromic.  At this price point you usually don’t see a feature like that.

So if you tend to bike in low light conditions, then these RockBros glasses are perfect as they are clear when there isn’t much light. Clear is far better than even yellow lenses since there is no filtering out of the little light there is.

Add to that they weigh only 30 grams so they are extremely light.  They are really great glasses at night and I think even as a spare for your day ones it’s a winner.  I like them anytime I’m not sure what the weather is going to do as they always adjust to the lighting.

The big difference in these photochromic glasses is that they are full frame glassses.  This means structurally that these glasses are very sound since they the lens are supported on all sides.


Bolle Rogue Asaf Glasses

Bolle Rogue Asaf Glasses

3 Interchangeable Lenses

These glasses are anti-scratch and anti-fog so they’re extremely durable.  These have daytime lenses, and two different evening or nighttime lenses so they work for all riding situations!




  • Anti-Scratch
  • Anti-Fog
  • 3 changeable lenses

They also have multiple lenses so you can put in the black lenses for riding in the daytime to avoid the sun glare, and you can switch in the clear lenses or even the yellow lenses to go riding in the evening or at night.  Sometimes the clear or yellow is even good on overcast days when you want to protect your eyes but still keep sharp vision.

The Bolle Rogue glasses are full frame sunglasses so from a safety-perspective they are built very soundly and provide very good eye protection.


Oakley Jawbreaker

Oakley Jawbreaker

Full Framed Oakleys

These sunglasses are Oakley so you know they’re good. They adjust to fit multiple helmet sizes and it’s easy to switch out the lenses.




  • Another quality Oakley product
  • Easy to switch out lenses
  • Made to fit most bike helmets – what you’d expect from a pro brand
  • Blocks UVA and UVB sunlight

Oakley is a big brand in the sunglasses world because they hold up pretty well. Not cheap, but they hold up well if they’re in the budget.

These ones have Switchlock Technology that Oakley calls it that means it’s easy to switch out the lenses.  To have that in a full frame sunglass is pretty interesting which is why these made the list.

One thing I do like about these glasses is that they have adjust to 3 different lengths to be compatible with most bike helmets.

X-Tiger Sports Sunglasses

X-Tiger Sports

Most Adaptable Sunglasses

These sunglasses have come with interchangeable lenses for different riding situations and meet the most stringent of safety tests.




  • Up to 5 interchangeable lenses
  • 3/4 frame glasses
  • Blocks UVA and UVB light
  • Among the lightest glasses you can buy

These sunglasses are extremely adaptable to say the least.  They come with multiple lenses you can switch out for different weather or amount of daylight.

The X-Tiger’s block UVA and UVB light, and they only weight 19 grams which is insanely light.  That’s the weight of 3 pencils! So yea, you won’t even notice you’re wearing this light glasses.

These sunglasses are polarized so you won’t get the strong reflections off of water or snow, and they are very highly rated by thousands of bikers.  Maybe the fact that it comes with little extras like a glasses case and cleaning cloth among other things.

Unique Sports Glasses


Cheap Sunglasses That Exceed Safety Standards

These glasses are reasonably priced, but they exceed ASTM F803 standards. That means they protect your eyes very well while still having features like anti-fog.




  • Cheap sunglasses
  • They exceed the safety standards for sunglasses
  • Anti-Fog
  • Fits well over prescription glasses

Since this post is on best eye protection, I want to include glasses that are mean to be clear and protect your eyes.  When it’s in the evening like in the winter, or on an overcast day, you’ll want non-tinted eyewear so you can safely see where you are riding.

These are just simple, inexpensive glasses to protect your eyes at night.  They are shatterproof to the ASTM F803 standard.  That is not an easy standard to pass to say the least, so passing it means that these glasses won’t shatter into your eyes which is the whole reason for wearing glasses.

What makes these ones even better is they have an anti-fog coating.  Normally it’s not so much an issue unless they are goggles like the Giro ones.

A lot of riders are choosing these because they can easily be fit with prescription lenses. Not bad for a set of cheap cycling sunglasses.

Runspeed Sports Glasses


Only Clear Glasses that have UV Protection

These glasses are polycarbonate so the frame is very strong yet lightweight. They have UV400 protection to block 99%+ of harmful UVA and UVB from the sun.




  • Clear glasses to ride in low light conditions
  • Only clear sunglasses that have UVA and UVB protection so they are effective during the day as well

These glasses are good solid budget glasses when you really want to watch the money.  They pass all of the usual safety tests and are made of polycarbonate, but don’t have all of the more fancy anti-fog features.

If you’re watching the cash, these will protect your eyes and get the job done for a lot less.

What To Look For In The Best Cycling Glasses?

Protection your eyes is essential for you to wear while cycling. You have to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, wind, dust and debris. They also act as a great form of protection if you happen to hit something or fall off your bike. There are many different styles of protective eyewear available on the market including full coverage glasses, wraparound sunglasses, and sporty-style frames. There are many features such as UV protection, polarization to reduce glare, and impact resistance.

So out of all of the options, you want glasses that will provide UV protection and ideally have lenses you can change so they work in different lighting.

Why are cycling glasses important?

Cyclists should wear eye protection because it will protect their eyes from dust, insects, debris, and wind.

Safety protection for you eyes are an important piece of your cycling gear. When you’re on the bike, there’s a lot of debris in the air which can smack you in the face. The wind can also kick up dust and insects to hurt your eyes. Cyclists should wear eye protection when they ride to protect their eyes from these hazards.

What are the benefits of using cycling glasses?

They provide protection from the wind and airborne allergens, which can be a problem for cyclers. The lenses are designed to protect your eyes from bright sunlight, which is a necessity when you’re on the road. They also make it easier to see in the dark because they have increased contrast.

Many cyclists wear them for safety purposes too, because they have a strap that attaches them to your helmet and they’re shatterproof.

How to Choose the Best Cycling Glasses for Your Needs

Some people are very sensitive to the sun, which can cause headaches, irritation, and fatigue. If cycling is your hobby, you will definitely need a pair of sunglasses that are perfect for cycling.

There are wide varieties of sunglasses for cyclist available at the market. To make the right decision it is important to know your needs and what features you want in your glasses. The best way to find the best bike glasses is by comparing them with others in terms of durability, weight, visibility and comfort.

Different riders have different needs when it comes to biking glasses. For example, if you are a woman looking for a pair of blazing red sunglasses then there will be no problem as these types of reading glasses exist on the market today!

Things To Consider When Buying Cycling Glasses

How do you know which ones to buy?

It is not just about the price or the design. There are other factors that need to be considered before you buy your new pair of glasses. These factors include:

  • The type of lenses you want – polarized, mirrored, photochromic, etc.?
  • Whether the frame is rigid or flexible?
  • What level of UV protection do you need?
  • Your eye shape and size?
  • Whether the frame is user friendly for people who wear prescription glasses?

These are some things to consider when buying your next pair of cycling glasses.

Why Regular Sunglasses Don’t Cut It as Cycling Glasses

Traditional sunglasses are not the best option for cycling. They don’t offer enough protection to the eyes and they also cause poor visibility.

Cycling glasses, on the other hand, are designed with protective eyewear in mind. They block out 99% of UV rays, which is essential for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. And they also help to reduce glare, so cyclists can see better while riding at high speeds over rough terrain.

What Is The Best Lens Shape For Cycling Glasses?

Choosing the right pair of glasses for cycling is a very personal decision. Some people prefer a wraparound lens to protect their eyes from the sun, while others prefer a flat lens that allows for better visibility.

I personally like wrap-around so you don’t get the sun coming in from the side of the glasses but this is more of a personal preference.

What Color Glasses Is Best For Cycling?

Choosing the right tint on your sunglasses is important, especially for cyclists. The tint on your glasses will vary depending on what you want to do with them. There are four main colors that you’ll find on sunglasses, polarized lenses, yellow lenses, green lenses and brown lenses. It’s best to wear brown or yellow-tinted glasses if you’re looking for better visibility when cycling so you can see the road better.

Polarized lenses are best for avoid that sun glare that you can get off of water snow, or shiny surfaces.

If you’re biking in low light conditions like at night, you’ll want to put in clear lenses.

When you’re riding in the rain, either clear or yellow lenses will work great.

Are Cycling Glasses Worth It?

Cycling glasses are often viewed as a fashion accessory rather than a safety gear. The fact that cycling glasses are less common also makes people feel like they are not necessary. But wearing cycling glasses can be very beneficial for your eyes.

Wearing the right cycling eyewear can safeguard your eyes against dirt, bugs, and branches flying towards you during an accident. Wearing cycling glasses may even help reduce the risk of developing skin cancer down the line due to exposure to UV rays.

What Glasses Do Pro Cyclists Wear?

Oakley has been the leading innovator in performance eyewear for more than 40 years. They are known for their world-class performance products, including goggles, helmets, and footwear among other things. Their lenses are made to withstand any condition that might be thrown at them. Not only do they keep you safe during everyday use, but they also help pro cyclists see what’s coming up ahead of them.

Oakley got popular as the choice of the pros and the pro teams, and that continues to this day.  Cycling glasses can be expensive when you talk brands like Oakley but they are high-quality.

Why Do Cyclists Wear Yellow Sunglasses?

Sun protective eyewear is often worn by cyclists to prevent sun damage to their eyes. The yellow lenses work better for this purpose because they can filter out more harmful wavelengths of light. Clear lenses, on the other hand, offer a wider range of colors and more UV protection.

Do Any Cycling Glasses Support Prescriptions?

If you need prescription lenses in your cycling glasses, you can find a pair that works for you. Many manufacturers of cycling glasses offer a variety of lens options and frames to suit your needs.

However, if you prefer wearing contact lenses, then all of the above cycling glasses will all work fine.