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When it comes to mountain biking, the trails are our canvas. The Mountain Bike Trails category is your guide to the legendary routes and hidden gems around the world that epitomize singletrack bliss.

Our International Trails subcategory profiles bucket-list destinations for mountain bikers. Take a virtual shredcation and explore what makes trails like Whistler’s Top of the World or Moab’s Slickrock so special. Learn about epic backcountry routes like Colorado’s Monarch Crest and Peru’s Rainbow Mountain.

If you’re looking to ride instead of daydream, the Local Trails subcategory dials in top hometown tracks and networks worth hitting. From the Snake Creek Gap Loop’s flowy contours to Green Mountain’s rocky technical descents, we cover the distinct flavors of our area. Favorite local trails get the full treatment with maps, GPX files, history and tips.

So whether planning an international mountain biking adventure trip or looking for your next go-to hometown trail, this is your source. The Mountain Bike Trails category opens doors to the diverse terrain two wheels can take you. Let the search for singletrack serenity begin!

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