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If you’re just starting out with mountain biking, the Beginners section is for you. You’ll learn the basics like:

  • Tips on how to climb hills easier and choosing the best path through a trail
  • How to shift gears to make the most of your energy
  • How to take care of your bike
  • What gear do you need and why (such as helmets, gloves, pads, and shoes)
  • How to ride safely
  • Etiquette rules of the trail


In short, we help you to learn the ropes so you can get more comfortable with riding and build your confidence so you can enjoy it that much more.

If you are riding but looking to learn more, this area also has a lot of great articles for you. You can build upon what you already know to take things to a new level.

The whole goal is to help new riders to enjoy this sport while riding safely so they can continue to ride. As you ride more and learn more, you’ll naturally have more confidence and soon you’ll be a seasoned expert.

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