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About Us

Who Are We?

Hi, I’m Tony and one of my favorite hobbies is mountain bike riding.  I’m just your average rider, but I’m always looking to learn more, and then I like to share it here on the site with all of you on the same path who are up for listening. If the information I have learned and shared helps someone out, then it’s worth it to me.

My go-to for riding is cross country, bordering on enduro at times. There’s just something almost Zen-like about riding on those paths through the fields and woods that has a calming effect.

So that’s how Mountain Bike Experience was born. I’ll likely never make it to be a pro, but I’m sure going to have a lot of fun along the path.

I’m going to share info about bike gear, different types of bikes, fitness topics, safety, and much, much more. Pretty much if it falls somewhere in the mountain bike topic, I may cover it at some point.

Got some ideas for new mountain biking topics to cover or really like some of my posts? Then head on over to the Contact Page and drop me a line!