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Get in shape to tackle the trails! The Mountain Bike Fitness category covers everything you need to know about training your body for off-road riding.

Learn effective cardio, strength and flexibility exercises to improve your endurance, power and agility on the bike. Pick up tips on creating a well-rounded fitness plan tailored specifically for mountain biking that will get you primed to take on technical climbs, overcome obstacles and finish long backcountry rides strong.

Articles provide sample workout routines incorporating cycling, cross training and mobility work to build a solid mtb fitness base. Plus, gain an understanding of the physiology behind developing key muscle groups for the unique demands of mountain biking.

Nutrition and recovery techniques round out the guidance – fuel properly for rides and make sure you allow your body to bounce back between outings. Let us help you condition yourself to find new limits out on the trail!

The goal is to give riders the physical tools and knowledge needed to stay healthy and perform at their peak when riding rugged and demanding terrain. Build your fitness the right way and enjoy many seasons of mountain biking ahead!

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