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The heart of mountain biking is the bike itself. All the info you’ll need to learn about these bikes is right here.

There are many different types of mountain bikes. There are Cross Country (XC), Trail, Enduro, Downhill, and much more. There’s even fat tire bikes and electric trail bikes.

Within those categories are lots of brands of bikes and tons of variations. You can even customize them to make them even more unique and make it work better for you.

This category has lots of articles on all of the bikes you could ever imagine and why you would choose one type over another.

Cross Country bikes are fast and efficient bikes that are great for those dirt country trails and rides through open fields.

Trail bikes are good all-around bikes that are great at almost any kind of terrain you can imagine.

Downhill bikes are made for those high-speed descents down large hills and mountains. A bit more danger but the excitement of fast downhill and those big jumps and drops is pretty enticing.

Fat tire bikes are great at getting traction on both snow and loose sand at the beach. They cushion the rocks and ruts that you ride over and make for a really nice ride.

Electric bikes have a battery-assisted motor that gives you extra power when you need it so you can ride faster and farther than ever before.

Mountain bikes are pretty exciting and it lets you see nature while getting some of the best exercise there is.

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