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Fat Bikes

Float over sand, plow through snow drifts and bounce through rocky terrain on the ultra-wide tires of Fat Mountain Bikes featured in this section. These meaty-rubber oddities open up trail access by delivering traction and flotation unmatched by ordinary MTBs.

Fat bikes excel at riding slippery, loose surfaces year-round where narrower tires would spin out and struggle for grip. Low pressure plus high volume equals unstoppable momentum! Shorter chainstays and aggressive handlebars still make them adept at agile maneuvering too.

Compare leading fat tire models from trusted specialty brands like Salsa, Surly, Framed and more. Learn about the unique components and frames best suited to harnessing big meats’ potential both on and off piste through rugged backcountry.

If simply seeking capability and access beyond what ordinary mountain bikes allow, fat bikes unlock more places to explore across more seasons. Trailblaze your own path on these unstoppably grippy, go-anywhere oddities!

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