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Beginner’s Guide

Fat bikes are a lot of fun and you can ride in so many places that you couldn’t ride on a normal mountain bike. Once you get used to riding one it’s a thrill. But how do you get from not knowing about a fat bike to riding your fat bike?

It all starts with beginner’s guides. With guides you can learn about fat bikes and what they are capable of. Fat bikes have a lot of benefits and are great on terrain like snow, mud, and sand.

Finding the right fat tire mountain bike takes some work, and with enough reading you’ll know where you want to ride and what features you want in one. Knowing what fits in your budget is especially important.

Learning how to ride on a fat bike is really important to learn. They are a little different than the average mountain bike due to the much larger tires and it’s meant to be ridden a little different. It’s important to learn how to ride so use the wide tire traction to your advantage.

So read up on these fat bikes and see an entire new world to explore when you can ride in areas you couldn’t before.