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When hitting the trails on two wheels, keeping yourself in one piece is a top priority. In the Mountain Bike Safety category, we cover techniques, gear, and knowledge to help you prepare for backcountry mishaps and injuries.

Learn essential survival skills like basic first aid, navigation, and communication when riding remote areas without cell service. We outline what to pack in your riding backpack for dealing with crashes, mechanicals or changing weather far from help. Read up on critical riding skills like managing steep descents, slick surfaces and avoiding obstacles.

The category also covers reviews of protective gear from full-face helmets to body armor for aggressive riding. We highlight innovative new safety tech like airbag vests and integrated alerts systems. And we provide maintenance tips to avoid mechanical failures leading to accidents.

Stay safe out there by arming yourself with preparation. In the Mountain Bike Safety category, we’ve got your back (and everything else) covered.

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