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Dive into the engineering and technical elements that make modern mountain bikes excel on tough terrain in our Bike Tech category.

Learn about important considerations when choosing frame materials like aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, titanium and mixed composites. Understand how slight differences in geometry and sizing dramatically impact downhill stability, climbing efficiency and overall handling.

Compare suspension systems like front and rear shocks, linkages and dampers that provide control through rooty, rocky sections. Breakdowns illustrate drivetrain components responsible for delivering smooth, reliable shifting across wide gear ranges.

Nerding out over the nuances of hub axle configurations, bottom bracket types, wheel diameters and fork offsets may not be for everyone. But gaining some technical insights will undoubtedly make you a smarter shopper and better informed rider!

Dig as deep as you want into the physics and mechanics of contemporary mountain bikes. The knowledge gains will pay dividends out on the trail when making split-second line choices, sizing up terrain features and simply feeling more confident in your machine.

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