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Fat tire bikes let you ride just about anywhere, and accessories for these bikes can only make them even better.

One of the most common accessories for a fat bike is a rack or frame bags. Both of these let you carry things with you without having to hold them or put them in a backpack. If you’re riding on the beach, a bike rack is a great place to hold a picnic basket for a really scenic lunch.

Fat tire bike fenders are a great addition to your favorite bike. Fenders will keep mud, snow, and sand from flying off of your tires and all over you as the rider. Especially the mud is a big deal so you don’t get overly covered in mud.

A more comfy bike seat is another great addition to your fat bike. Some bike seats have either a thick foam seat or springs so that when you ride and hit a bump it doesn’t travel up and you feel it. Fat bikes are good at isolating you from the bumps and an upgraded seat helps even more.

Bike lights are another smart idea to upgrade. A good strong LED headlight can throw a lot of light on the trail when it’s getting dark so that you see. It’s also good if you are riding along the road so that you are very visible to traffic.

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