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Advanced Techniques

Take your fat bike skills to the next level with tips and tricks for mastering these ultra-wide-tired oddballs covered in our Advanced Tactics category. Once you’ve dialed in the basics of riding and handling on Fatties, it’s time to get more aggressive and expand the terrain these meaty monsters can conquer.

Learn optimal cornering techniques that avoid tires folding under at lean angles fat rubber resists. Hop sideways ledges and stair sets where ordinary width tread would snag. Carry momentum through surfaces like sand pits and marshy sections using body English to your advantage.

Dial in brake modulation that accounts for the higher rotating mass and lower air pressure attenuation inherent to fat bike traction. Perform advanced wheelies holding teetery manual lines farther than ever imaginable. Even master slippery snow drifting using ralling car techniques!

Fat bikes already excel at accessing places other mountain bikes can’t. But mastering advanced handling opens up even more possibilities. Push your skills keeping pace with these always progressing capabilities!

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