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Taking care of your fat tire bike is the best way to protect your investment. Fat bikes cost a little more than regular bikes so it’s definitely a smart idea to get the longest time you can enjoying it.

Some of the key areas of maintenance are:

  • Keep an eye on tire pressures – Checking your tire pressure periodically will keep the tires at a low enough pressure for good traction, but not so low that it tears up the tires and lowers the life span.
  • Lubing the chain – Make sure to lube the chain, cassette, and derailleurs to keep out dirt and keep it all working smoothly
  • Check frame and suspension – Check for cracks in the frame and make sure the suspension is working as it should to make sure it holds up and gives you the best ride
  • Brake maintenance – Check that brakes are working every so often, especially with the bigger tires that take more work to slow down

Fat bikes are a lot of fun and they can go over almost any terrain that normal tires would sink in. Just make sure to rinse off the gunk every so often and check everything every few rides and it’ll last you a long time.

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