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Electric Bikes

Expand your ride potential with pedal-assist Electric Mountain Bikes covered in this category. These innovative trail shredders allow both new and seasoned riders to explore more terrain using battery-powered motors that provide momentum to keep the good times rolling.

E-MTBs amplifier human Watts lets you climb steeper, rally farther and continue having fun when typical legs would falter. But the power delivery remains smooth and predictable – you stay completely in control. Lean into corners, carve downhill trails and manual over obstacles like any traditional bike.

Compare leading pedal-assist models from trusted brands like Specialized, Trek, Yeti and more. Learn about motors, batteries, charge times and drive modes that deliver a natural and balanced boost. Shop hardtails to full suspension eMTBs tailored for cross country, downhill and general trail use.

Electrify your mountain biking experience without compromising the core joy and skill progression. E-bikes let you ride with faster friends, keep up with the young guns or simply push personal limits and boundaries past where leg strength would normally allow.

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