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Advanced Techniques

Take your eMTB skills to the next level with advanced riding techniques covered in this category. Once you’ve mastered the basics of electric assist mountain bikes, it’s time to push both yours and the bike’s handling abilities.

Learn optimal body positioning through corners and over technical features that maximize stability when riding at eBike-enhanced speeds. Master faster decision making and line changes leveraging torquey motor power on climbs and flat straightaways.

Practice emergency braking maneuvers critical at the velocities that capable eMTB setups now achieve even on mellow terrain. Footwork and attack position tips help smooth out bumps and maintain traction when barreling downhill with momentum no longer dictated solely by gravity!

Adapt fitness and endurance routines to take advantage of nearly unlimited hill scaling potential but avoid overtaxing human output. Condition your body to go faster longer! We’ll help you develop advanced skills both physical and mental to truly adopt an electric bike as an extension of yourself out on the trail.

The future is electric. Are your riding abilities ready to evolve too?

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