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There are quite a few electric bikes being sold on the market from brands such as Ride1Up and Aventon, and it can be hard to figure out which ones is best for you as an electric bike rider.

We take a look at these bikes, look at their stats and features, and then we fill you in on each bike. Things like battery capacity are just the start, and goes all the way through to things such as headlights and recharging capability and times, and even the warranty on the bikes.

Each bike has pros and cons, and the goal is to look at the strengths of each bike and where it is best used for, as well as where it doesn’t handle as well.

We also look at what users are saying about these bikes in addition to our own views so you can get a good picture of these bikes so you can choose smartly.

Electric bikes can be a little pricey to buy at times, and having the right information on these bikes helps you to find the right one for you the first time.

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