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Tap into unbiased first-hand impressions of the latest electric mountain bike models from actual riders in our in-depth eMTB Reviews. Compare real-world experiences testing today’s leading pedal-assist trail bikes from top brands.

Read about motor power delivery, battery life, components and reliability after extended testing on local trails. Learn how top eBikes perform climbing challenging terrain, navigating technical downhill sections and holding up over time. See which deliver the most seamless and intuitive motor assist response.

Our reviewers highlight eMTBs optimized for cross country riding, all mountain adventures and hardcore downhill shredding. Budget buyers can reference specs and impressions of value-packed electric rigs too. New eBike technologies get put through their paces including wireless shifting, integrated displays and app connectivity.

Lean on fellow riders to decode manufacturer claims and uncover ideal electric mountain bike options best aligned to your budget and intended riding style. Let real-world tests inform your buying decisions!

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