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Beginner’s Guide

New to electric mountain bikes? Our Beginner’s Guide provides the perfect starting point to understand eMTB technology, operation, trail etiquette and basic riding techniques. Gain confidence to get out and enjoy pedal-assist bikes safely.

Learn how electric drive systems work alongside human input to spawn torque – the magical combination of motor and leg power that lets eBikes overcome obstacles that stall ordinary MTBs. Master control pad usage, power modes, and range management fundamentals.

Brush up on trail readiness basics from ensuring adequate tire pressure and brake pad depth to evaluating battery charge level before heading out. Follow proper eMTB loading, transport and charging protocols to keep your bike humming for years. We’ll have you understanding watts, voltages and drivetrain jargon in no time!

On the trails, discover ideal eBike body positioning for stability and handling trashy terrain at speed. Practice effective speed control and safe passing etiquette when riding with groups. Before long you’ll feel right at home carving corners and climbing inclines with ease on your battery powered brawler!

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