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Electric bikes are not cheap, and taking care of your bike the right way ensures it will be dependable and last as long as possible. There are many areas of an electric bike that need maintenanceĀ  to ensure they work smoothly.

The battery on an electric bike is one of the most important things to maintain. It makes the battery last longer and batteries can be a little expensive when they do need to get replaced. Most maintenance on these is proper charging and storage.

The electric motor in these bikes can have the same issues that many other motors can. The motor needs regular inspection to catch problems early, and keeping it clean after dirty or muddy rides can keep the bearings from taking wear prematurely.

The brakes and tires need to be maintained much the same way they are on other mountain bikes. These are critical components but this aspect is fairly normal for bikes.

The electronics on these bikes need to keep clean and checked periodically. These are the displays that show how much charge is left and how fast you are going mostly. They do get dirty but the key is to keep the dirt from building up and getting inside.

With regular maintenance and keeping an eye on things, these electric bikes can last a long time and many years of enjoyable rides.