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There are many advanced techniques for electric bikes to get the most out of them. Many times these are to get better efficiency but sometimes it is to have better control of them.

Learning to use eco mode on your electric bike will give you a longer battery life and increased range of how far you can ride.

Learning to use pedal assist mode means that you are pedaling but the bike is kicking in some extra power so that you’re able to get up hills much easier.

Learning how to use the regenerative braking built into most electric bikes will allow you to gain back more power into the battery as you were riding so that you can get longer rides.

Different terrains require different riding skills in order to ride safely and efficiently.  For instance, riding on a nice dirt road is a fairly normal ride, but if you are riding through uphill and downhill trails through the woods  you have to learn to ride with the extra power and the extra weight of riding an electric bike.

As you learn advanced techniques for electric bikes you will find that you can get even more out of them and longer rides unlocking the full potential of an electric bike.

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