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Enhance your electric mountain bike’s performance, protection and style with accessories tailor-made for eMTBs covered in this category.

Choose from tailor-made fenders to keep trail debris off motor internals, custom guards that prevent rock damage, and specialty bags to haul batteries or tools in case trailside fixes are needed.

Dial in cockpit ergonomics with wider, more stable handlebars ready for the speeds eMTB power delivers. Protect that investment too with moto-inspired bash plates and rib guards.

Customize ride metrics with color displays that integrate motor power usage, battery range projections and more with GPS performance tracking. Turn night rides into day with self-powered lighting kits.

Plus mods that just look cool like anodized chains, custom grip tape, billet bash rings and more let you put a personal touch on your electric steed. Trick out your eMTB from wheels to seatpost!

With the right accessories, electric bikes can go farther and last longer. Explore your options inside our Electric MTB Add-Ons section!

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