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Downhill Bikes

Go bigger and charge harder with Downhill bikes engineered to devour rugged vertical terrain in our Downhill category. Durable frames, long travel suspension, beefy components and slack, gravity-focused geometry set these two-wheel tanks apart from typical trail bikes.

Meaty double-crown forks and rear shocks gobble up huge hits and G-force impacts letting you push the edge of control through rock gardens and launch off drops. Reinforced frames and parts withstand the punishment of high speeds and repeated heavy landings.

Weight plays second fiddle to stability and strength in competitive downhill. Shop recommended sleds from category leaders like Santa Cruz, Commencal, Yeti and more sporting minuscule seat posts, wide handlebars and sticky rubber perfect for one purpose – getting rad on the way down.

Downhill bikes demand a specialized skillset and carry a premium price tag justified by their performance potential in skilled hands. Prepare for the mental and financial plunge into gravity riding’s most exciting corner!

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