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100% S3 Sunglasses Review

100% S3 Sunglasses

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  • High-quality, durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • Comfortable fit for various face shapes.
  • Versatile performance with interchangeable lenses.
  • Modern, attractive design in multiple colors.
  • Effective ventilation system prevents fogging.
  • 100% UV protection and water, dirt, oil repellant.
  • Comes with useful extras – hard case, cleaning bag, spare lens.


  • High-end price point may not suit all budgets.
  • Lenses can scratch with heavy use.
  • Lack of adjustable nose pads limits fit customization.


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Finding sunglasses that meet both style and performance needs can prove challenging. As an active sunglass wearer, I often test new brands and models. 100% creates quality eyewear designed for athletes and adventurers. Their 100% S3 model catches my eye with its lightweight build and durable construction. After putting these shades to the test, I’m impressed by their versatile performance and value. This review covers my experience with the materials, design, fit, functionality, and worth of the 100% S3s.

As an athlete and outdoor enthusiast, I need sunglasses that can keep up with my lifestyle. After testing the 100% S3s in various conditions, I find they provide the ideal blend of style and performance I seek. Keep reading for my full review based on firsthand use.

Material and Construction

I immediately notice the 100% S3s utilize quality materials built to endure regular use. Flexible TR90 frames allow me to bend the arms and lenses without worry of breaking. The sturdy polycarbonate lenses hold up well to scratches and impacts. Small details like spring hinges and nose pads add to the durable construction that impresses me. With the abuse I put my sunglasses through, I appreciate how the robust 100% S3s withstand the wear and tear.

Through my testing, I confirm the 100% S3s live up to their durable design. The flexible TR90 frames bounce back from being stepped on and continue hugging my face securely. Despite tossing them in my bag, the scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses maintain their clarity. Every component, from the hinges to nose pads, withstands the demands of my adventures. Their construction keeps these shades in perfect shape trek after trek.

100% S3 Sunglasses Front View

100% S3 Sunglasses Front View

Visual Appeal

I find the wrap-around shape of the 100% S3s make a bold style statement. The frame options come in cool colors like translucent blue, glossy white, and bright red. Mirrored lens finishes give them an eye-catching reflective effect. The curved contours and angular shape complement my face shape nicely. I receive many compliments on their modern style and vibrant look.

With their unique shape and colors, I feel the 100% S3s turn heads for all the right reasons. The colorful frame options and mirrored lenses command attention on the streets and trails. The wrap-around silhouette frames my face flawlessly. I get compliments left and right on their contemporary yet functional style. Their visual appeal backs up their performance.

Fit and Comfort

Given my active lifestyle, I need sunglasses that fit securely despite constant motion. Weighing just 29 grams, I often forget I’m even wearing the 100% S3s as they disappear on my face. The flexible TR90 dialed-in the right grip to stay snug with every jump and sprint. Adjustable arms and nose pads allow me to tailor the fit to my needs. I experience zero slippage or bounce during intense activities.

Through rugged use, the 100% S3s maintain a comfortable yet locked-in fit against my face. Weighing next to nothing, I can wear them for hours without pinching or pressure. The custom-fit nose pads prevent sliding as I sweat. The grippy TR90 flexes but keeps the frame anchored with quick changes in direction. No matter the chaotic motion, the 100% S3s stay comfortably cemented on me.

100% S3 Sunglasses Side View

100% S3 Sunglasses Side View

Performance in Various Conditions

To pass my test, shades need to deliver top performance in all environments. During bright beach days, the 100% S3s filter harsh UV rays while enhancing my vision. An anti-fog coating becomes clutch when moving from AC to humidity, providing fog-free views. Wind and debris don’t stand a chance against the secure wrap-around frame, even at high speeds. Trusting my 100% S3s allows me to push my limits.

Through diverse conditions, I gain an appreciation for the performance-driven engineering of the 100% S3s. Blazing sun, pouring rain, and dusty trails – the polycarbonate lenses maintain clarity despite the elements thrown their way. The integrated ventilation and anti-fog treatment prevent steaming and condensation when pushing my cardio limits. The sturdy frame remains anchored in windy summits and fast descents. The 100% S3s equip me with uncompromised vision.

Value for the Money

At $165, the feature-packed 100% S3s deliver worthwhile value in my book. Compared to designer brands reaching $200+, these sunglasses offer similar quality at a more affordable price point. The usable details and durable construction suggest years of reliable performance, providing a return on investment. Considering the quality and functionality gained, the 100% S3s give me premium performance without the premium cost.

After abusing these shades across all environments, their value shines through. For the sub-$200 price, I gain years of use out of their resilient construction. The 100% S3s go toe-to-toe with other performance sunglasses that are significantly pricier. For the casual to hardcore athlete, these sunglasses provide functionality and protection that outperforms their cost. The 100% S3s offer impressive bang for your buck.

100% S3 Sunglasses Package

100% S3 Sunglasses Package


In search of versatile, durable sunglasses built for speed and sun? Look no further than the 100% S3s. After extensive testing, I’m blown away by their ability to enhance my performance through any condition while protecting my vision. The secure frame exceeds expectations for fit and retention while the lenses provide uncompromised optical clarity. Considering the quality gained for the price, the value is undeniable. For dynamic and active lifestyles, the feature-loaded 100% S3s rise above the competition.

After putting these sunglasses to the test myself, I can confidently recommend the 100% S3s for fellow adventurers and athletes. Their resilient build, customizable fit, and crystal clear optics equip me to take on any challenge under the sun. If these core features align with your sunglass priorities, the 100% S3s will prove a worthwhile investment. Just be prepared for the influx of compliments on their head-turning style too.

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