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Unique Sports Glasses Review

Unique Sports Glasses

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  • Low price cycling glasses with a high safety rating
  • Exceeds ASTM F803 safety standard
  • Shatterproof lenses
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Ansi-scratch lenses
  • Can wear prescription glasses under these


  • Clear only lens by design. Only for low-light or situations or no sun blocking necessary. It is part of the design.

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The Unique Sports cycling sunglasses provide impact protection and anti-fogging at a budget-friendly price point. The clear lens aims to enhance visibility without filtering light. I tested how well they fit, performed, and held up during daily cycling.

That’s why you’ll want a pair of clear cycling glasses. You want the eye protection, but not filtering out any of the light.

Fit & Comfort

The Unique glasses have a lightweight feel at just 35g. The frame is made from a flexible TR90 material that conforms nicely to the face. I have an average width head and the temples had several adjustable positions to get a secure fit.

The nose bridge is adjustable as well. It’s not the softest rubber material but still reasonably comfortable. After a 45 minute ride, I didn’t have any pressed marks on my nose.

The lenses have an adjustable tilt system to angle them precisely. This helps block sun at different angles. I liked being able to tweak both the lens angle and temple arms to optimize coverage and comfort.

Unique Sports Glasses Rear View

Performance & Protection

The polycarbonate lenses are rated to exceed eye safety standards for impact resistance. I did some drop tests onto concrete from 5 feet up and the lenses didn’t crack.

Optical clarity is decent but some minor distortion is noticeable around the edges. The anti-fog coating works well even during strenuous climbs. I didn’t experience any fogging up even after 2 hours of sweating in warm weather.

Ventilation is also good thanks to the partial frame design. Overall the glasses provide really good protection and practical performance for the price.

Durability & Quality

After 6 weeks of regular use, the glasses have held up well. The scratch-resistant coating seems effective as the lenses look crystal clear still.

I accidentally stepped on them once and the frame only had a minor scuff. The materials and build quality exceed what I’d expect for such a cheap pair of cycling glasses.

One lens did pop out when they fell hard on gravel but popped back in easily. Replacement lenses are also affordable if needed.

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