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Giro Tempo MTB Goggles Review

Giro Tempo MTB Goggles

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  • Lens: True sight Polycarbonate Lens with Expansion View (EXV) Technology
  • Weight: 200 grams (full goggles with strap)
  • Frame Type: Full frame
  • Adjustment: Adjustable Goggles Strap
  • Recommended Use: Downhill/Enduro
  • Rating: 4.5/5


  • Full frame glasses for maximum eye protection
  • Ability to wear them over normal prescription glasses
  • Anti fogging and anti-scratch
  • Expansion View (EXV) Technology has amazing peripheral vision
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Could possibly interfere with non-Giro bike helmets
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If you’re looking for maximum eye protection while you’re out riding, then these Giro Tempo MTB goggles are just right for you. When you are looking for eye protection that is clear, these really are one of the best options that works for every possible biking trail and weather. In fact, these are ranked very highly on my post of the best clear cycling glasses.

There are many times when you’re doing some serious cycling. We’re talking downhill, or rough areas with rocks, sticks, and mudding flying up. You know…the fun stuff.

Well, for those times when you’re really active, regular cycling glasses may not be quite enough to protect fully from all directions.

That’s when you’ll want these Giro goggles. They have a foam liner that rests against your face making it very difficult for anything to get past them, meaning they keep your eyes nice and safe regardless of the cycling environment.

These mtb cycling goggles have an adjustable band to get them to the right fit so that they stay in place while you are riding. Ideally you want them tight enough not to move, but not so much it gives you a headache.

As you can see in the picture below, it has that Giro calls Supervent Foam which is soft against your face, but it breaths and helps to prevent fogging. The lens also has an anti-fog coating on it to help against fogging even more.

Giro Tempo MTB Goggles Side View

These goggles come with a True Sight polycarbonate lens. The lens has crystal clear optics with zero distortion. The lens has anti-scratch features as well.

The Giro Tempo also features Expansion View (EXV) Technology which means the lens is large like on standard goggles but the frame is minimized to give the most peripheral field of view possible.

The Giro Tempo MTB goggles are a great set of eyewear for when you have an active ride with dust and debris getting kick up a lot. They stay in place really well and are the best choice for when you are pushing your bike on a ride. They work great in any condition and are highly recommended.

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