What To Look For In A Pair Of Cycling Sunglasses

riding a xc bike with a helmet on

Cycling sunglasses are an essential part of the cycling gear that protects your eyes from UV rays, dust, wind, sweat and other elements. Sunglasses can also be used for other outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding.

Cycling sunglasses come in different styles and colors so you can find one that suits your needs best. You should take into consideration the lens color when looking for a pair of cycling sunglasses because it will determine how well they filter out UV rays. The lens color also affects how well you can see while cycling in low-light conditions.

The best cycling sunglasses with have UV400 protection, along with polarized lenses that are shatter-proof.

How To Choose The Best Cycling Sunglasses For Your Needs

There are many different types of cycling sunglasses on the market. So, how do you choose the best sunglasses for your needs?

First, you need to know what kind of cycling you’ll be doing. If you plan to take your bike out on the open road, then it’s important that you get a pair of sunglasses with UV protection. But if your cycling will be limited to trails, then tinted lenses will be more than enough protection.

Next, you need to think about what type of lens material is best for you. Some people prefer polarized lenses because they help cut down glare from water or snow; others like mirrored lenses because they’re less likely to fog up during hot summer days; and some cyclists like clear lenses because they don’t make things look dark or distorted like you can get with tinted lenses. Many riders also use either yellow lenses to enhance contrast or clear lenses for no light filtering if they tend to go out riding after dark, such as you see pretty often when biking in the winter after work.

Here is a guide to the main things to look for in a pair of cycling glasses:

  1. Protection From Sunlight And Debris

    Cycling sunglasses are an essential part of cycling gear. They provide protection from many things such as UV light from the sun, or from dirt and debris that gets kicked up on the trail.

    Sunlight feels good on your skin, but to your eyes UV light can be harmful and even make it hard to see where you are riding, especially if there is sun glare. Polarization helps get rid of the glare, and special coating on cycling sunglasses will cut down on UVA and UVB light.

    Glasses can also help protect your eyes from physical objects on the trails, such as dirt, debris, branches, and more. This happens quite often which is why it’s so important to protect your eyes when riding. Getting a pair of cycling sunglasses with the best protection against sunlight and debris is the most important thing.
    Cycling sunglasses are frequently different than for instance hiking sunglasses or running sunglasses since you are moving along and hit things like branches with more force. So they need to be stronger than other sports sunglasses.

  2. Comfort

    Riding glasses are designed for the comfort of the rider. They include features such as a padded nose bridge and temple arms, as well as adjustable lenses. Remember that you’re going to be sweating so you’ll want a pair that can stay in place even while you are sweating and moving around a bit.

    Nowadays, riders can find a wide variety of riding glasses in various shapes and sizes. It is also common for riding glasses to have interchangeable lenses so that they can be used in different light conditions.
    In fact, when you are road cycling or touring and you start in the early morning hours, the lighting changes so much you may have to change them more than once or get photochromic sunglasses.

  3. Style And Design

    The design of a good pair of glasses is essential for the success of the product. The glasses should be lightweight and comfortable to wear, with a frame that is not too heavy. They should also have a lens that is large enough to see everything including your peripheral vision, but beyond that is just extra weight on the glasses.

    While style depends on each person, you still want to get glasses that feel good and you look forward to wearing. Common brands that people buy for both function and that they are stylish would be either Oakley, Tifosi, or Rudy Project. All really capable brands that look sharp.

  4. Price

    Sometimes, you don’t need to spend a lot of money in order to get the best product. This is why it’s important to know what you’re looking for when shopping for cycling glasses.

    There are many different factors that can affect the price of cycling glasses. For example, if the lenses are polarized or not, or if they have UV protection or not. The more features that they have, the more expensive they will be.

    It’s also important to consider how durable and long-lasting they are when deciding on a price range for cycling glasses. You want something that will last you a long time and won’t break easily so it’s worth spending a little more on them in the beginning.

    If you’re just getting all of your biking equipment, then you’ll likely be looking for some cheap cycling sunglass deals. Glasses can get expensive, but if you’re willing to consider ones beyond the cheapest models, I put together a list of the best cycling glasses online (and some of these are still very reasonably priced).

Get The Best Pair Of Cycling Sunglasses For Yourself Today

So with all of that in mind, it’s time to go forth and find your best pair of glasses for cycling. This is a good time to think about when and where you go riding. If you always ride in the same lighting and environment, then one pair will likely work well for you. If it changes depending on the seasons (it gets dark earlier), then you may want to get a normal pair of sunglasses and a pair of clear cycling glasses for riding in low-light conditions. Some of the glasses even have lenses you can change out so they can work for whatever nature has for you at that point.

Happy riding!