Can Vans Be Used As Biking Shoes?

vans shoes

Vans shoes are a type of shoe that is typically worn by bikers and skateboarders. They feature a rubber sole and canvas upper with design features such as the waffle pattern, and the company logo.

They were designed in the 60s by Paul Van Doren and his brother-in-law, Ralph co-founder of Vans shoes. The company was started as a small sportswear store in California. The iconic shoe was originally called “Vintage Original.”

The Van Doren Rubber Company was renamed to Vans in 1964 after they expanded their business into shoes.

So vans are a well-made shoe, but generally the soles are a bit soft and flexible compared to regular mountain biking shoes. Due to this, it can put some aches in your feet but they are a alternative to a good biking shoe.

Can Vans Be Used As Cycling Shoes?

While Vans are not designed for cycling, they can be used as flat shoes for any sport. They don’t come too close to your feet like most shoes do which means they won’t cause any blisters or other issues.

You can use them if you want to make sure you have the same shoe style for different sports; they are also very lightweight and easy to carry around.

The biggest downside of these shoes is that they aren’t made for all activities like cycling where you need grip on your pedals. The soles tend to be too flexible compared to mountain biking flat pedal shoes, so it puts more pressure on the centers of your feet.

What Advantages Do Mtb Flat Pedal Shoes Have Over Vans?

MTB shoes are more comfortable for long rides, offer better traction, and have better protection.

They also have better comfort, durability, and weight. They often have a lower stack height to keep the rider’s center of gravity low. This allows for more control on technical terrain.

Mtb flat pedal shoes are great for trails because they absorb shock and reduce the impact on the knees. They are also ideal for riders with wider feet who need more stability on their pedals.