Can Vans Be Used As Biking Shoes?

vans shoes

Vans shoes are a type of shoe that is typically worn by bikers and skateboarders. They feature a rubber sole and canvas upper with design features such as the waffle pattern, and the company logo. They are fairly common skateboarding shoes. But how are they for mountain biking?

Vans can be used for mountain biking as flat pedal shoes since they generally have good traction. They are acceptable for mild to moderate trails but if you are doing more extreme biking like downhill then a quality mtb shoe is recommended.

Can Vans Be Used As Cycling Shoes?

While Vans are not designed for cycling, they can be used as flat mtb shoes for any sport and they work decently well. They don’t come too close to your feet like most shoes do which means they won’t cause any blisters or other issues. You can use them if you want to make sure you have the same shoe style for different sports; they are also very lightweight and easy to carry around.

If you are using Vans as your cycling footwear, they will work ok but will never get to the higher levels of stickiness that cycling shoes have on the pedals. The soles tend to be too flexible compared to mountain biking flat pedal shoes, so it puts more pressure on the centers of your feet.

So if you choose to use them, ensure that the Vans fit your foot well so they don’t catch the pavement or anything else that could throw off you ride.

What Advantages Do Mtb Flat Pedal Shoes Have Over Vans?

MTB shoes are more comfortable for long rides, offer better traction, and have better protection.

They also have better comfort, durability, and weight. They often have a lower stack height to keep the rider’s center of gravity low. This allows for more control on technical terrain.

Choosing the best mtb flat pedal shoes will help you take those big trails and absorb the shock and reduce the impact on the knees. They are also ideal for riders with wider feet who need more stability on their pedals.

How Do The Prices of Vans Shoes Compare to Mtb Shoes?

Surprisingly, Vans cost almost as much as a mid-range pair of mtb shoes.  This is partly because Vans are a well-made shoes that carries with it an appropriate price tag. It’s almost because a good pair of mtb shoes work great for biking and aren’t that much more expensive than regular shoes which makes getting real mtb shoes an even better idea.

There are a lot of reasons that mountain bike shoes are well worth the price, and I hope you read more about them to see all of the benefits you get and possible injuries you might be able to avoid.