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G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards Review

G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards

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The G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards are some of the most cutting edge elbow pads out there. With the advanced impact material these may be some of best protection for your elbow that is on the market.

We’re going to look at the G-Form elbow guard in this review. Everything from the material to protection level to flaws are on the table.

G-Form has a solid reputation in the industry and these are some of the most advanced pads they make. But are they ready for the prime time?


Look at all the specifications from G form, it’s easy to see that a lot of engineering has gone into these. These have the SmartFlex technology, which is an impact material that is flexible, but upon impact will harden instantly. It’s actually pretty similar to the D30 impact material in some competitors.

These elbow pads come in a wide range of sizes, they’re lightweight, and they’re certified to the impact standards so these at first glance are good enough for most riders.

  • Padding Type: SmartFlex
  • Certification: EN1621-1 Level 1
  • Weight: 5.28 oz.
  • Sizes: XS-XXL
  • Material: Synthetic Blend
  • Closure: Slip-on with compression fit
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Recommended Use: Trail / All-Mountain / Cross-Country
  • Rating:

    4.5 out of 5 star rating

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Key Features of G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards

Looking at these, the obvious main key feature is the SmartFlex technology, which is about is cutting edge as you’re going to get on these things. Material that is flexible when you’re riding so it doesn’t hold you back, but it’ll harden up like a steel plate upon impact to protect your elbow.

The fabric for the sleeve is more impressive than it appears at first glance, its moisture-wicking, breathes well, and even SPF 50.

Beyond that these are your standard slip on compression fit sleeves with silk and grippers to keep it in place. Fairly standard at this point.

User Experience and Performance

As you would hope with the manufacturer known this well, the G-Form elbow guards are comfortable to wear while you’re out riding the trails.

First of all, these elbow pads stays in place pretty well under normal riding conditions. There was no need to adjust them very often even with sweating a bit.

With the SmartFlex material, these elbow pads were more flexible than similar pads with the impact foam. Generally, I would say they’re pretty comfortable on normal trail type riding. Luckily, my rides went well so I didn’t have a chance to test out the impact material first hand they meet safety certifications if they can do that while they feel this good then that’s pretty impressive for elbow pads. 

While these breathable enough for most days, a little warm on those hot summer rides. Not enough to sway me to either buy or not buy them based just on that, but just an observation.


G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards - showing fit

A practical look at how the G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards fit in action, highlighting their ease of use and snug fit for various riding styles.

Material and Construction

Aside from the impact material I talked about in an above section, the G-Form Pro X3  seem to be built pretty solidly. The workmanship and stitches look like they did a good job and everything lined up so the quality is there.

According to the manufacturer, they claim that they use a custom process to bind together all the materials to make these synthetic blend sleeves, but to me it seem just like a well-made sleeve, on par with what I would expect from G-Form.

The moisture wicking of the synthetic blend is pretty notable. Like I said above, these run just a little warm but on a fall day these would be perfect.

Comfort and Fit

The Pro X3 elbow guards fit well. They were actually a little more snug than I would like but not overly noticeable.

With these, as with other elbow pads, you need to carefully measure your elbow, arm, and forearm so that you can match up with the manufacturer’s recommendation for sizes. If it’s halfway in-between, go for the smaller size. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly adjust elbow pads.

I didn’t feel like these hindered any movements on the trails, and some of these were a little more along the enduro side of things with a bit more action. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t find myself feeling the seam on these.

The compression-style fit these do is pretty similar to many others. I do think the lack of having a thick impact foam pad make these feel lighter and feels like there’s a little less of a burden on your arms if that makes sense.

G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards -Fitting Table

Fitting guide for the G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards. Measure carefully to ensure the perfect fit.

Protection Level

These G-Form Pro X3 elbow guards easily surpass the EN 1621-1 Level 1 safety standard with the SmartFlex impact material.

Not too much to say on this aspect. They are lightweight and the SmartFlex material is so light and flexible it almost feels like you’re just wearing a sleeve. Nice to know that they still provide maximum protection.

Are they good enough for some serious launches on downhill? I know they’re well-made, but chances are I’d pick some Leatt’s for downhill even though for everything else I’d pick these.

G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards - SmartFlex

Close-up of the innovative SmartFlex™ cushioning: flexible for comfort, hardens on impact for unparalleled protection.

Price and Value

These have the same non-Newtonian type of impact material as is in the Fox D30 and POC VPD (give or take, same principle at least). These are pretty cutting edge materials for the price of these.

With price as a factor, these would be among my top choices for elbow pads without a doubt. They have a lot of the features of the more expensive pads but are more reasonable to buy. There is always plenty of equipment to buy so this is one spot this is a good choice.

These are certainly more than you need for a vast majority of the average riding out there where you want to ensure you don’t smack your elbow on a passing tree.

Price to value ratio these are certainly in the top 3 you can buy. A smart investment to protect your elbows.

Comparison Of G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards With Other Brands

These have a lot of similarities to the Fox Enduro and POC VPD, so I’m going to choose to compare them to some other common types that use different sleeve and impact materials.

Let’s put the G-Form Pro X3 elbow guards up against the 7iDP Sam Hill Lite elbow pads and the Alpinestars Paragon Pro elbow protectors.

All 3 of these are notable and depending on application I could recommend any of the 3.

All of these have the same safety certification level. Really, if anything ever didn’t have the certification I’d say steer clear of them.

They all have a compression sleeve with silicone grippers to keep them on. They are all built well and made to last.

So the real difference on these comes down to the impact material and price.

The G-Form Pro elbow guards have SmartFlex material which is lighter and more flexible than either the 7iDP or Alpinestars. Both of those use impact foam, which is more traditional and has been around for awhile. It’s still very effective.

7iDP is the more expensive of the 3, with G-Form and then Alpinestars behind them.

So if you’re talking pure protection, I’d choose the G-Form of the 3 choices. If budget is the foremost concern, then going with the Alpinestars would give you just a little less protection but saving a good $20. However, the Alpinestars would restrict you just a little more than the G-Forms due to the impact material.

All 3 of these are good choices, but these are some of the differences when you compare them.

Features G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards 7iDP Sam Hill Lite Elbow Pads Alpinestars Paragon Pro Elbow Protectors
Material Moisture-wicking UPF 50+ fabric, SmartFlex™ technology Compression fabric with Ripstop Spandex Breathable stretch mesh, abrasion resistant fabric front panel
Closure Compression sleeve Compression fit, slip-on design with silicone strip Slip-on design with elasticated cuffs and silicone printing
Protection Area Elbow Elbow Elbow
Certifications CE EN1621-1 Level 1 CE EN1621-1 Level 1 CE EN1621-1 Level 1
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year
Available Sizes XS to XL S to XL 2XS to 2XL

User Reviews and Feedback

Looking around at what other riders are saying and what they are wearing, the G-Form Pro X3 elbow guards are popular. They have advanced protection, are comfortable, and are very reasonably priced. I can see why.

However, anything can be nitpicked and that’s what I was looking for.

Riders noted that these are very lightweight and flexible and used often on XC rides. Many riders noted that these give you plenty of freedom of movement.

There wasn’t much talk about the moisture-wicking, likely because who thinks about that while they’re riding. However, there are lots of notes about washing them and how they dry out well to keep the smell down. Knowing it’s easy to keep them fresh is good to know for extended use.

However, many people did note that since it doesn’t have as many different sizes as some other brands, you have to measure carefully and occasionally a rider had to send back for a different size after trying them on.

Overall I’m seeing that the mountain biking community also really favors these.

Is G-Form Pro X3 Elbow Guards Right for You?

So the real question after all of this, are these right for you?

If you do trail, XC, BMX, or enduro riding these likely are in the right protection range for you. They are flexible and lightweight so they feel like they are barely there, and if you don’t like wearing them but force yourself to sometimes, then these again may be perfect for you.

These are so light they can also do double-duty if you like to ride skateboards, things like that, where you move your arms even more than biking at times.

These are comfortable to wear for hours and when you look at the weight on these they truly are lightweight.

Especially if you are a rider that doesn’t really want to wear more gear on your arms, these may very well surprise you with how invisible they become on a ride.

I always tell people to check out their options before they buy. Much easier to read up and do your research up front before buying. I put together a list of my most recommended MTB elbow pads if you want to see what other excellent choices are out there.

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