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POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads Review

POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads

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Ever flirted with the ground at high speeds and lived to tell the tale? Your elbows might not have been so chatty about it. Enter POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, the silent guardian for your not-so-funny bones. They’re the whispers of promises to keep you riding, not sliding, on the trails. In this review, we’ll unravel whether these pads are your next mountain biking wingman or just another accessory in the drawer. Buckle up as we dive into the world of comfort meets daredevil protection—with a dash of humor. Will they stand the test of dirt? Let’s find out.


Navigating the techy terrain of elbow pad specs can be as tricky as a switchback trail, but fear not. The POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are engineered with a neoprene body, boasting a lineup of sizes from XS to XL to fit riders of all builds. The magic lies in the VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) compound—flexible in motion, yet hardens on impact, offering a physics lesson in protection.

These trail guardians meet the EN 1621-1 standard, ensuring they’ve passed rigorous European safety tests. Lightweight doesn’t even begin to describe them; they’re like feathers on your arms, ensuring your ride is unhindered by bulk. And for those who dread the slide, the crash retention strap (CRS) system keeps these pads as glued to your elbows as your determination is to the ride.

  • Padding Type: VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) Compound
  • Certification: EN1621-1 Level 1
  • Weight: 7.1 oz.
  • Sizes: XS-XL
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Closure: Reinforced Stretch Fabric, Neoprene Anti-slip Inner, and a Crash Retention Strap
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Recommended Use: Trail / Enduro
  • Rating:

    4.5 out of 5 star rating

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Key Features of POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads

Let’s cut to the chase: the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are not your average arm armor. They’re equipped with a proprietary VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) that conforms to your shape when warm, yet hardens upon impact, giving you a custom fit without compromising on brute protection. It’s like having a personal bodyguard that molds to you, ready to spring into action at the first sign of trouble.

But the features don’t stop there. These pads are crafted with reinforced stretch fabric, so they move as you move, making them feel like a second skin rather than a bulky add-on. The integration of neoprene anti-slip ensures these pads stick with you through the gnarliest of descents, like a loyal friend, without the awkward bear hug.

And let’s talk about airflow – because sweaty elbows are no one’s friend. The pads’ lightweight and highly ventilated panels make overheating a non-issue, keeping you cool as you conquer climbs and descents alike. In essence, the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are a trifecta of flexibility, breathability, and top-notch protection, ready to elevate your ride from good to legendary.

While the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads offer impressive features, it’s intriguing to compare them with other products in the market, such as the uniquely designed Troy Lee Speed Elbow Sleeves, known for their lightweight and streamlined design.

User Experience and Performance

When it comes to testing the mettle of the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, the trails have spoken, and the consensus is a resounding thumbs up. From the arid dust of the backcountry to the slick roots of the Pacific Northwest, these pads have shown a chameleon-like adaptability, hugging the arms securely without cutting off circulation, allowing for full freedom of movement. They’re the silent heroes — you’ll forget they’re there, but they won’t forget to protect you when you take an unexpected dive.

Yet, no hero is without their kryptonite. In the throes of extreme rides, some have whispered wishes for a tad more coverage, a little extra armor against the most villainous of rocks and roots. But as the sun sets on a long day of riding, the lightweight comfort and unobstructed mobility of the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads often turn first-time users into lifelong fans.

In the end, these pads offer a performance that’s as smooth as the singletracks you’re shredding. They’re the dependable friend on every ride, the quiet confidence that lets you push a little harder, ride a little faster, and explore a lot further. With the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, the journey doesn’t just go on — it gets better.

Material and Construction

The POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are a masterpiece of material engineering, born from the union of neoprene and the unique VPD compound. This hybrid of materials isn’t just a random mix; it’s a deliberate choice for durability and flexibility, ensuring that the pads can take a beating while you dole out the pedal power. The VPD material, in particular, is a sorcerer’s dream, magically hardening upon impact for maximum protection and melting back into comfort mode as you pump along the trail.

Delve deeper into their construction and you’ll find a meticulous attention to detail. The reinforced stretch fabric isn’t just about withstanding the wear and tear of the ride; it’s about marrying the pad to your skin without the chafe of a bad relationship. And let’s not overlook the neoprene anti-slip designed to keep these pads as loyal as a shadow, staying put through every jolt and jar the ride throws at you.

In essence, the construction of these pads is a testament to the brand’s commitment to rider safety without cutting corners on comfort. They’re built to last, designed to protect, and executed to enhance your ride, not just endure it. With the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, you’re not just wearing pads; you’re donning a suit of honor, ready for the trail’s call to arms.

POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads Rear View

The rear view of the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads showcases the secure strap system for a non-slip fit.

Comfort and Fit

When it comes to the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, comfort is king. They fit like a glove—or more accurately, like a bespoke suit for your elbows, tailored to perfection. The neoprene material stretches to accommodate your every move, so whether you’re pumping uphill or bombing downhill, you’ll forget they’re there—that is until you take a spill and they’re your first line of defense.

But the true litmus test of any elbow pad is its adjustability and staying power through the rough stuff. The POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads boast a crash retention strap that’s like a trusty belt, keeping everything snug where it should be, no matter how rowdy the ride gets. The anti-slip interior grips your skin without the pinching wrath that some protective gear is known for.

Long rides? No problem. These pads are in it for the long haul, providing sustained comfort without the bulk that often accompanies protective gear. They’re the silent companion on your solitary trail adventures, the unnoticed guardian as you navigate the labyrinth of roots and rocks. With these pads, comfort and protection are not mutually exclusive—they’re a given.

Protection Level

The true worth of elbow pads is measured in their ability to take a hit, and the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are like a trusty shield in the heat of battle. Their VPD material is the star of the show, boasting an impressive ability to transform from soft and pliable to tough as nails the moment you hit the deck. It’s like having a personal bodyguard that’s on high alert, springing into action when you least expect it but need it most.

In the realm of impact testing, these pads have danced with danger and come out unscathed, meeting the rigorous standards of the EN 1621-1 certification. This isn’t just a nod of approval; it’s a rite of passage that pits them against the toughest of falls and grants them entry into the pantheon of trusted protection. Compared to industry safety standards, they don’t just meet the mark—they set it.

Donning these POC pads, you can charge into the fray with the confidence of a knight, knowing that your elbows are armored against whatever the trail may throw at you. They’re the silent guardians, the watchful protectors, and the unsung heroes in the epic of your mountain biking adventures. With protection like this, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is which trail to conquer next.

Price and Value

When weighing the gold versus the grit, the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads strike a balance that would make any economist nod in approval. They’re priced in a sweet spot that might make your wallet initially flinch, but upon closer examination, it’s an investment that pays dividends in durability and protection. You’re not just buying pads; you’re buying peace of mind, the freedom to ride without the shadow of ‘what-ifs’ looming over your shoulder.

Stack them against the competition, and the value proposition becomes clear as day. They’re not the cheapest on the market, but when it comes to safeguarding your joints, do you really want to go bargain bin? The blend of VPD technology, comfort, and certified protection they offer positions them as a premium choice without the sting of a luxury price tag.

In the long run, the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads are akin to a wise old sage in the world of mountain biking gear; they’re in it for the long haul. Their performance and longevity justify the upfront cost, proving that sometimes, the best things in life are worth paying for. So, saddle up and invest in your safety; your future self will thank you as you tear through trails with confidence and class.

Comparison Of POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads With Other Brands

In the ring of mountain biking gear, the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads hold their own with poise and power. Let’s pit them against the Fox Enduro Sleeve and the G-Form Pro X2 Elbow Pads, two contenders with their own loyal following. The Fox Enduro Sleeve comes in with a minimalist design, but when it comes to the POC’s VPD impact absorption, it’s a case of David and Goliath, with POC wearing the crown for superior protection.

The G-Form Pro X2, on the other hand, steps up with its own impact-hardening technology, but where it falls short is breathability, an arena where the POC pads shine with their ventilated design. Price-wise, the trio doesn’t stray far from each other, but the POC pads justify their tag with a robust build and an unmatched comfort-fit combo. User feedback sings praises of POC’s snug fit that doesn’t quit, a testament to their thoughtful design.

At the finish line, the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads emerge as the all-rounder, marrying the best of protection, comfort, and value. They’re like the friend who brings a knife to a gunfight and still wins—outsmarting, outlasting, and outperforming the competition. When stacked against their peers, the POC pads don’t just compete; they set the pace.

For those curious about how these pads stack up against other top contenders in the realm of protective gear, exploring in-depth reviews, such as the detailed analysis of the Pearl Izumi Elevate Elbow Guard, can offer valuable insights.

Comparison of MTB Elbow Pads: POC Joint VPD Air vs Fox Enduro Sleeve vs G-Form Pro X2
Feature POC Joint VPD Air Fox Enduro Sleeve G-Form Pro X2
Material VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough), Polyamide fabric Spandex, Polyester, Polyurethane, EVA SmartFlex™ pads – flexible and hardens on impact
Closure Slip-on with elastic strap Slip-on Compression sleeve with silicone gripper
Protection Area Elbow joint Elbow joint Elbow joint, body-mapped impact absorption
Certifications EN 1621-1 certified Not specified Not specified
Manufacturer Warranty Not specified Not specified Not specified
Weight Not specified Lightweight Lightweight
Available Sizes XS, S, M, L, XL S, M, L, XL XS, S, M, L, XL
Color Options Uranium Black, Moonstone Grey Black Multiple color options
Price Not specified Not specified Discounted price available
Additional Features Lightweight and shock absorbing, stays in place due to the elastic strap High-stretch rear panel, maximum breathability Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric, ventilated pads

User Reviews and Feedback

Riders have spoken, and their words paint the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads as the trusty sidekick of the trails. “Like wearing confidence on your arms,” says one enthusiast, while another chimes in with praise for their “forget-they’re-there” comfort. However, it’s not all fanfare and encores; some riders note a longing for more size options, wishing for a perfect fit for their unique armor needs.

Yet, the collective voice is clear: these pads are a hit. They’ve been lauded for standing up to the test of gnarly spills, with many an adrenaline junkie tipping their helmet to the pads’ resilience. While no gear is without its Achilles’ heel, the chorus of approval suggests that when it comes to mixing brawn with breathability, POC has struck a chord with the mountain biking maestros.

Is POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads Right for You?

If you’re seeking a verdict on the POC Joint VPD Air Elbow Pads, let’s break it down. These pads are a stronghold of safety, crafted with innovative materials that harden on impact, they’re a fortress for your joints. Their lightweight design and breathability are a boon for long rides, ensuring comfort doesn’t take a backseat to protection.

Yet, for those in pursuit of a bespoke fit, the range may feel a tad limited. Ideal for trail aficionados and enduro enthusiasts who demand top-tier protection without being weighed down, these pads are a sound investment for peace of mind on wild rides. So, if your MTB escapades call for armor that won’t quit, the POC Joint VPD Air might just be your match.

To see how these pads measure against the cream of the crop in mountain biking protection, our roundup of leading MTB elbow pads offers a comprehensive guide to the top choices on the market.

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