12 Top Reasons to Buy a Fat Bike (And 2 Not To)

A fat bike riding through snow

The fat bike (also referred to as fatbikes or fatties) is a type of mountain bike that has large, thick tires. The tires are usually about 4 inches wide. It is designed to be ridden on snow or sand, but it can also be used on other surfaces like grass or pavement.

Fat bikes are all the rage these days with many people buying them for their ability to ride almost anywhere and their versatility. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular reasons why you might want a fat bike in your life- from riding on mountains to riding around town.

Fat bikes are becoming more and more popular in the world of cycling. The number of people who want to ride a fat bike has increased significantly in the last few years, and it is likely that this trend will continue.

The Top 12 Reasons to Buy a Fat Bike

  1. You can ride fat bikes ANYWHERE! They excel on snow, sand, and non-paved surfaces.

  2. Fat bikes are more nimble and stable than other types of bikes because of the wider tires. This is pretty helpful for beginning bikers.

  3. They are versatile enough that you don’t need to own two different bikes

  4. They are great for exploring new areas … commonly areas that normal bikes can go!

  5. The wider tires eat up the bumps so the rides are more smooth than narrow tires.

  6. They are on the cheaper end of spectrum (or can be) compared to some of the mountain bikes and touring bikes

  7. They are great on trails even if it’s been raining and there is lots of mud.

  8. Fat bikes have tubeless tires so you can run them at a lower pressure for better traction and there’s no risk of a flat due to tube pinch….since there are no tubes. Many fat bike tires can even run at 10 psi with no issues.

  9. Due to the design, the frames are very capable and as such, very durable.

  10. A fat bike with the big tires makes you feel like you’re riding a monster truck.

  11. Fat bikes are easier on the knees since the big tires absorb most of the shock.

  12. They are so much fun to ride!

2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Fat Bike

There are two main reasons I can think of that make buying a fat bike less desirable:

  1. The bigger tires take more work to move. Commonly fat bikes are around 4 pounds heavier than their counterpart, but usually you buy fat bikes for how the tires handle and not so much the speed side ofit.

  2. Tires are more expensive to replace. They are bigger, cost is higher.

Do You have Fat Bike Recommendations?

I put together another post with my top choices for fat bikes. They are all very capable but won’t break the bank. If you’re still looking around, I highly recommend just looking at the bikes I found so you can make an informed choice.

A fat bike on the street

What are the Best Places Where I Can Ride My Fat Bike?

The best places for fat biking are rugged and less traveled areas, and everything from wide-open desert landscapes to snowy mountain tops can be explored on a fat bike, which makes this an appealing sport for many people.

Fat bikes excel on the dirt and gravel roads. The best thing about riding a fat bike is that you don’t need to worry about punctures because there are no tubes in their construction.

Why Riding on the Sand and Snow Is Better with a Fat Bike?

Biking enthusiasts who love to explore different terrains will appreciate the many advantages of fat bikes. They venture on the snow, sand and other challenging terrain with ease.

Fat bikes are designed to handle any type of terrain whether it is snow, sand, gravel or forest trails. They have wider tires that give them greater stability and don’t sink down into the ground like regular mountain bikes do.

Are Fat Bikes Hard To Ride?

Riding a bike is no simple task. It requires balance, coordination, and practice. For some, it may seem that the fat bike would be harder to ride than most other bikes because of its wider tires.

The fat bikes are in fact far easier to ride than normal bikes because of their wider 4” tires which provide more stability when riding on rough terrain. If you are newer to bike riding, then it makes it even easier to get up and going.

Why Would You Want A Fat Bike?

It’s not always about getting the shiniest bike on the market. Sometimes it’s about having the bike that you need for your lifestyle. A fat bike is perfect for those who like to go off roading, camping, riding in snow or bad weather, or just want to be able to ride anywhere without worrying about what they will encounter. It also comes with certain benefits like being much easier to pedal up hills and over obstacles than a traditional mountain bike.

For those reasons, a fat bike is something that nearly all riders should be interested in. It gives you even more freedom of where to ride on your bike and for many riders is clearly worth it.

Are Fat Bikes Fun to Ride?

Fat bikes are all the rage these days. They are immensely popular in snowy regions of the country, where they can easily traverse snow and ice with ease. When it comes to fat bikes, the more rugged and adventurous you are, the more fun you’ll likely have on them.

Fat bikes are great for wintertime activities like ice fishing or riding through snow on trails that would usually be inaccessible by regular bicycles. And while they’re not really ideal for long distance riding, they’re perfect for short rides around town or on back roads with small hills.

So if you like to adventure on your bike, then you’re going to have a lot of fun with a fat bike.

Are Fat Bikes Better For Heavy Riders?

Fat bikes are not just for heavy riders. Anyone that is looking for a bike that can handle all terrains and ride in any conditions should consider getting a fat bike. They are great for people who don’t want to worry about flats and breaking chains while also being able to ride on the beach.

Fat bikes have a weight limit of 275lbs so they can’t be ridden by everyone, but if you weigh more than this then it will be better than getting a normal mountain bike. A fat bike will be just about as good as a normal mountain bike when it comes to max weight, but they will handle all types of terrain and riding conditions better than the other option.

How Much Does A Fat Tire Bike Cost?

Fat tire bikes can vary in price just as much as other mountain bikes. They have heavier parts, but at the same time they are less complex than cross country bikes.

They can vary from less than $500 to more than $2000. I put together a list of several fat bikes and at this moment 3 of the new fat bikes are under $500 and getting a Mongoose under $500 is a gold strike. If you look at a fat bike price guide it’ll help you determine what budget fits you situation.

What Is The Best Overall Reason To Buy A Fat Bike?

For some people, their main reason for buying a fat bike is that they like the design. It might be that they like the extreme appearance of this type of bike or maybe it’s that they like how it has no chain.

Others may want to buy a fat bike because it is easy to transport. They can take this type of bicycle with them anywhere – even on public transportation.

Still, others may want to buy a fat bike because they are fun to ride. These bicycles are usually very light weight so you’ll have an easier time navigating through difficult terrain – which can include snow, sand, and mud!

I like them for all of the reasons above and more!