What Are the Full Health Benefits of Mountain Biking?

There are many health benefits to be reaped from mountain biking. These health benefits include weight loss and muscle strength.


1) Workout

Mountain biking is a great workout for the body! While there are many muscles that get a workout from mountain biking, the legs, thighs, and calves are worked out primarily from peddling.  Mountain biking is sometimes referred to as a whole-body workout.

Balancing strengthens the abdominal and core muscles. Finally, climbing and maneuvering strengthens the chest and upper arms.

Mountain biking can burn lots of calories, up to 900 calories per hour in some more intensive riding situations. Couple that with the excellent exercise benefits and it’s a winning combination.

2) Muscle Tone

Mountain biking primarily uses the muscles in the calves, thighs, as, glutes, and hips. Mountain bike riders will be able to notice more defined muscle and higher muscle endurance. Not only will these muscles be able to function longer, but they will look great too!

You are building both larger muscles but also muscles that can endure longer.  XC mountain biking is one of the types of biking that focuses more on endurance than short-term power.

3) Weight Loss

At just an average pace, a mountain biker burns over 150 calories in less than 20 minutes. Riding a mountain bike just a few times a week will drastically help with weight loss.  Just one 20-minute ride a day and you will lose on average 1/2 a pound a week. Things like belly fat melt away in weeks!

In addition to burning calories, your metabolic rate will increase so in all likelihood you will lose even more weight than that.

4) Stronger Heart

Mountain biking increases the strength of the heart by improving the blood flow and reducing stress. Stress is known to be a leading cause of heart attacks in the United States. So perhaps it is time to pick out a great mountain bike and go for a peaceful ride!

5) Stronger Brain

Increased blood flow taking more oxygen to different parts of your body has other gains besides just a stronger heart.  The increased blood flow will also increase your brain’s functionality as well as increased alertness.

6) Lifelong Hobby

Having a hobby allows you to release stress and focus on something not as mentally taxing. Science has shown that less stress leads to better sleep and easier control of your emotions. In addition to a lifelong hobby, there are some great people to meet and even befriend while biking!

Mountain Biking is a Win-Win Sport

Mountain biking is such a great sport and it works so many of your muscles that you can’t help but get into great shape while having fun.  The key is to enjoy it and and all of its great benefits.