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Care and Maintenance

Keep your vision clear while riding rough trails by properly caring for your mountain biking eyewear. Our Cycling Glasses Care and Maintenance category shares best practice tips for cleaning, storing and extending the use of MTB shades, goggles and shields.

Learn how to gently wipe away dirt, mud and sweat without scratching lenses using specificcommercial cleaners, DIY solutions and microfiber cloths. Safely disinfect cycling spectacles between rides while avoiding deterioration from harsh chemicals.

Discover fixes for common issues like loose screws, inoperative pop-up springs and cracking at stress points. Know when to attempt repairs on your own or rely on manufacturer warranties.

Plus, store shades properly after cleaning by using firm cases, lens covers and humidity reducing canisters. Give frequently worn glasses a break with periodic overnight soaks in lens solution baths. Treat cycling spectacles right so they deliver clear, undistorted vision ride after ride out on the trails! Keep your eyes covered and your lenses clear over the long haul.

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