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Best Practices

See clearly and ride safely with our guidelines, tips and advice for getting the most out of your mountain biking eyewear. The Mountain Bike Glasses Best Practices category shares wisdom culled from years of trail testing frames, lenses and goggles of all types.

Learn proper usage and care to maximize the performance and longevity of your shades. Clean and store them properly after muddy, sweaty rides. Discover replacement parts and repair options for common breaks and scratches.

Dive into hacks for managing foggy lenses and keeping the right specs handy based on changing light and terrain. Master taking them off and putting them back on while riding for maximum versatility.

Compare models with the latest photochromic, polarized and blue light-blocking technologies filter that deliver the most accurate trail vision. Or confirm it’s OK rock an old pair of sport sunglasses from the 90s!

Arm yourself with knowledge about the intersection of MTB gear and optics directly from the trails. Consume and contribute wisdom around the topic so every rider enjoys improved vision and safety while shredding.

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