Most Comfortable Bike Seats to Ease the Pain


Riding a bike again is a lot of fun but it only takes about 10 minutes to realize that the seats are not quite as comfortable as you remember them.  Thankfully, there are a lot of replacement bike seats out there to solve just this issue.

The most comfortable bike seat depends on your usage of the bike.  The best mountain bike seat depends on your use and whether you’re an active or casual biker.  I give my recommendations below to match these usages.

These are my favorite seats and seat covers that will make your bike seat a bit more comfortable on your ride.

1.  Zacro Gel Bike Seat Cover

I thought I’d start off this list with a bike seat cover since for many it is just what they need.  This Zacro seat cover has a lot of gel inserts in the seat so it will smooth out the ride a ton and it makes a significant distance.  I have a Bell gel seat cover on my bike and it made a huge difference in the ride and how I felt and no longer ached after the ride.

This seat cover is actually quite a bit better than my cover and it’ll help quite a bit in making the rider much more comfortable.  You just slider it over the seat and then squeeze the little plastic cylinder and tighten it and release.  Nice and simple.

2.  BlueWind Bike Seat

BlueWind makes a well-designed bike seat to replace the original.  What makes this one special is it is molded of memory foam so it’ll adjust to your curves.  It also has that little divider in the middle so it relieves pressure when you sit on it and you won’t have the numbness.

This bike seat is universal so it’ll mount right up to any bike post no problem.  It’s made of high quality materials so this bike saddle will last you for quite awhile.  It works well for road biking or mountain biking and with this design the seat doesn’t get in the way of aggressive biking.

3.  Giddy Up Bike Seat

The Giddy Up bike seat is perfect for those that are more concerned with a comfortable seat than bike maneuvers.  This is a complete seat replacement that give you a new saddle that is all memory foam and has a built-in reflective band so you are more noticeable when it’s dark.

This seat is perfect for the casual biker looking for a bit more comfort and support while biking


So there are lots of bike seats and seat covers that can help to make your bike ride a bit more comfortable.  If it makes the ride more comfortable, it’s a great idea for the few bucks that it takes to buy some relief from the aches.

If you are a casual biker and just looking for more comfort, then I’d suggest either the Zacro gel seat cover or the Giddy up bike seat.  Both of these are amazingly comfortable and will make riding 10x more enjoyable.

If you’re more of an enthusiast, then I recommend the BlueWind seat.  It’s the perfect balance of support and support while not hindering active riding.


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