7 Best Budget Cycling Glasses

RockBros Polychromatic Glasses

The truth is, if you’re serious about cycling, then you’re going to need some good gear. And that includes a good pair of glasses. So I put together a list of 7 budget-conscious options for cyclists who want to spend less than $40 on their glasses.

The best budget cycling glasses are the RockBros Photochromic glasses and the Tifosi Jet sunglasses. Both are cheap cycling glasses that will protect your eyes very well.

Why You Should Go For A Budget Pair Of Cycling Glasses

The reason why you should go for a cheap pair of cycling glasses is because it is more affordable, but the right pairs can provide the same level of protection as expensive cycling glasses.

The better budget cycling sunglasses are usually made from softer, lighter and cheaper materials. They don’t have as much style and come with fewer features that the expensive ones do.

The best budget cycling sunglasses are not heavy and provide adequate visibility and protection from UV rays and glare. They also come with interchangeable lenses which can be used in different lighting conditions like cloudy days, sunset, sunrise or night time rides.

What Are The 7 Best Budget Cycling Glasses?

For serious cyclists, cycling glasses are not just another accessory; they are an essential part of the cycling kit. Riding without them can lead to eye injuries, impaired vision and even detached retinas. Cycling glasses protect your eyes from dust, rain and wind. But finding the best budget cycling glasses can be a difficult task as there are so many brands on offer.

A few key factors you should consider before you choose a pair of cycling glasses:

Material: Glasses made out of polycarbonate material offer superior protection against UV rays as well as scratches and bumps on the road.

Lens type: Most bicycle helmets come with a visor which can obstruct your vision if you have prescription lenses for example. In this case it is best to go for cycling glasses that have a clear lens as these

Safety rating: Make sure the glasses still pass all of the stringent safety standard to protect your eyes.

Without further ado, here are my top recommendations for the best budget cycling glasses:

RockBros Polychromatic Glasses

RockBros Photochromic Glasses

Best Budget Cycling Glasses

These full frame glasses are photochromic so they’re tinted during the day but clear at night. They are made of plastic with an anti-scratch coating so they are very durable.




  • Full frame glasses
  • Plastic lens that are anti-scratch
  • Photochromic glasses
  • Only weighs 30 grams for full-frame glasses.

One of the strongest features of these budget sunglasses is that they are photochromic which isn’t as common in budget glasses.  If you want only one pair of biking glasses, then you’ll want glasses that are photochromic since they are tinted during the day but go to nearly clear at night.

Do note that you want clear glasses at night, not yellow lenses.

Add to that they weigh only 30 grams so they are extremely light for a full frame glasses.  These are great when the lighting is changing like when it’s getting dark, or even when inclement weather comes in.  In fact, sometimes when you are biking through the woods you are in shade sometimes and bright sun other times, making these glasses even better.

Probably the biggest difference is that they are full-frame biking glasses so they are rather sturdy and if you are biking through the woods and might be a branch to the head, then these are the ones you want to wear to protect your eyes.

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

Tifosi Jet Sunglasses

Premier Budget Cycling Glasses

Tifosi generally makes more expensive sunglasses, and this Tifosi sunglass model is at a budget price with most of the bells and whistles that the more expensive models have. Tifosi glasses fit amazing and feel great to wear.



  • Anti-slip adjustable nose pieces
  • Plastic lens that are anti-scratch
  • Stay put even with lots of sweat
  • Come with accessories like a shell case and cleaning kit
  • They look really cool

Tifosi is known for making quality sunglasses. Like, up near the Oakley realm of sunglasses.  The Tifosi Jet sunglasses is their budget model that comes in well under $40 but is still an amazing set of sunglasses.

I didn’t put these first because these are not full-frame glasses.  That and these are not photochromic. For sunglasses these are unsurpassed.

One of the best things about these cycling glasses is how well they fit.  It has the well-known adjustable nose piece, which is an innovation in itself.  The rubber of the adjustable nose pads is actually hydrophilic rubber which is soft, but will not become slippery no matter how much sweat you get on them.  This means they stay put which if you ride like me is a breath of fresh air to have sunglasses that just stay put and don’t need to be constantly adjusted.

Aside from that, they really are light sunglasses.  They are made of a type of nylon material Tifosi designed which is both very light but also very durable.  Like I said, these glasses are made like the best of the ones they make but this pair happens to be really reasonable in price.

I mean, they even come with their own shell case to protect them at this price range!

Torege Sports Sunglasses

Torege Sports Sunglasses

Best Multi-Use Cycling Glasses

These Torege sunglasses come with 3 different lenses so they can be used day, dusk, and night.




  • 3 different lenses
  • Day lens block UVA and UVB
  • Polarized day lens
  • Yellow lens for evening riding
  • Anti-scratch lenses

Torege isn’t one of the well-known brands, but it’s one of the hidden gems for sure!

Torege has put together a set of budget cycling glasses that have thousands and thousands of positive reviews and they come with some amazing features at a price near $20 which is amazing for anything now-a-days.

These glasses have very capable day lenses that block the usual UVA and UVB sunlight.  The daytime lenses are even polarized to stop those intense sun glares off of reflective surfaces.

These Torege cycling glasses also come with yellow lenses that are meant to be used for evening riding.  For true night riding, I would really opt for clear cycling glasses (these are below).

These have the usual plastic lens and frames and they even are scratch-resistant.  Fairly usual for cycling glasses but these do have all the things you would expect and some you wouldn’t at a price that is a steal!

Bolle Rogue Asaf Glasses

Bolle Rogue Asaf Glasses

Solid Multi-Lens Glasses

These glasses are anti-scratch and anti-fog on a full frame setup. With the ability to switch out day, yellow, and clear lenses, these glasses can do it all!




  • 3 different lenses
  • Anti-scratch lenses
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Full frame glasses

Bolle Rogue is a brand with a very solid reputation as budget sunglasses are these are some of the best multi-use ones they have.

They have multiple lenses so you can put in the dark lenses for day biking, and then switch to yellow or clear as it gets darker.  I personally recommend yellow if it’s still a bit light out, but once it’s getting dark you’ll definitely want to use the clear lenses.

I really like how they are also anti-fog.  Few sunglasses really have this feature and yet it’s something every biker has to deal with.

The Bolle Rogue glasses are full frame sunglasses so from a safety-perspective they are built very soundly and provide very good eye protection.

X-Tiger Sports Sunglasses

X-Tiger Sports Cycling Sunglasses

Most Adaptable Sunglasses

These are full-frame sunglasses that have a rather unique look




  • Multiple lenses (some models have up to 5 different lenses)
  • Block UVA and UVB light.
  • Weigh only 19 grams.
  • Polarized lenses

These sunglasses have more lenses you can change out than most by a long shot.  Some of the models of this sunglass on Amazon have 5 different lenses you can choose from.  Extremely adaptable to say the least.

They are also polarized and block UVA and UVB lighting.  The polarized is a big feature as it blocks out those sudden glares you get off of shiny surfaces like windows and water.  If you’re riding in the city, you definitely want polarized lenses.

These X-Tiger sunglasses only weight 19 grams which is insanely light.  That’s the weight of 3 pencils! You don’t get much lighter than that and it’s well within reason.

These are highly rated sunglasses, and it might have to do with the fact that  it comes with little extras like a glasses case and cleaning cloth among other things. That’s something you don’t normally see in the budget sunglasses market.

Unique Sports Glasses

Unique Sports Glasses

Cheap Cycling Glasses That Exceeds Safety Standards

If you’re on a tight budget, these sunglasses at well under $20 might be the winner.  They exceed ASTM F803 safety standards while still having features like anti-fog.




  • Cheapest cycling glasses that are made well
  • Exceeds the ASTM F803 safety standards
  • Anti-fog
  • Room to wear them over prescription glasses

Rounding out the list is the cheapest biking glasses that do a great job of protecting your eyes.  These are clear so you’ll still be able to see sharply so these are really for pure protection of your eyes.  If you’re riding in the evening or at night, these are perfect to use.

These glasses are shatterproof to the ASTM F803 standard.  That is not an easy standard to pass to say the least, so passing it means that these glasses won’t shatter into your eyes which is the whole reason for wearing glasses.

The Unique glasses even have anti-fog which is especially useful at night as the hot air from breathing tends to fog up many glasses.

Probably one of the big reasons for the popularity of these glasses is that you can wear them over regular prescription glasses as you can see in the picture above.  Not many protection cycling glasses can provide this so this is a major selling point of these glasses.


Runspeed Sports Glasses

Runspeed Sports Glasses

Polycarbonate Night Glasses

These are the cheapest polycarbonate night glasses you’ll find that still have UVA and UVB protection.




  • Made of polycarbonate (very lightweight)
  • UV400 protection to block 99%+ of UVA and UVB light

Although the Unique glasses above are slightly cheaper, I consider this the runner-up for cheapest cycling glasses you can buy.

These do have the advantage of blocking UVA and UVB so even during the day, these clear glasses block the harmful sunlight which is very unusual.  Unusual enough that I had to include these sunglasses that do what most cannot.

Top 5 Reasons Why People Should Buy Cheap Cycling Glasses

We all know that cycling glasses are an important accessory when riding a bike. They protect our eyes from the harmful UV rays coming from the sun. However, they don’t have to be expensive to be of good quality. Here are five reasons why people should buy cheap cycling glasses:

1) They can be less expensive than designer brands

2) Some of them offer anti-fog protection, so you won’t need to constantly clean them

3) You can get prescription lenses with some models of cycling glasses

4) You can find sunglasses that will shield your eyes from both UV rays and debris, like sand

5) Cycling glasses come in many styles and colors

How To Choose The Best Cycling Glasses – Expert Advice

One of the most important aspects of cycling is being able to see. It is also one of the most overlooked aspects. When you are cycling, you have to know that your glasses will not slip off and that they will offer protection from dust and other factors. The best budget cycling sunglasses are those that offer UV protection, anti-fog coating, and a non-slip design.

When you find all of those features and the cycling glasses are still under $30 then you have a winner! ALL of the glasses I list above fall within that criteria.

Now, if you want to only look at cycling glasses for riding at night, I have that post there which only has glasses meant for night riding.

If you only want to ride during the day, I have a post here on the best cycling sunglasses that has some really great options on it.

How To Choose The Best Bike Sunglasses That Suit Your Face Shape & Style

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses can be a daunting task, considering that there are so many different types. Sunglasses are not just about fashion anymore. They are also about safety and comfort. But before you make any decisions, take a look at your face shape and style to find out which sunglasses will suit you best.

The following is a brief introduction on how to select the best bike sunglasses for your face shape and style:

– Face Shape – Choosing the right pairs of glasses is all about deciding what kind of cyclist you are.

– Face Style – If you’re into cycling as a sport, then go for cycling glasses that have an aerodynamic design instead of fashion glasses with big frames or lenses.

Generally speaking, you have either the wrap-around glasses or the more traditional-style flat glasses. It really depends if you want maximum protection (such as with goggles) or just basic UV protection from the front.

For me, it depends on the type of riding I am doing. If it’s light riding, any glasses will work. If it’s through-the-trees, mud-flying type of riding, then I’ll want full goggles.

The Different Frames For Your Face Shape – Which One Is The Best?

There are different frames for your face shape that you can choose from, but which one is the best?

The first step of choosing your cycling glasses is to know what type of face shape you have. This will help you to narrow down the possible frames that will work best for you.

Next, think about what kind of riding or cycling do you plan on doing. Different activities require different features, so make sure to find a pair of glasses that will suit your needs.

Lastly, don’t just buy a pair because they’re trendy – choose them because they will be more comfortable and safer for the kind of riding that you plan on doing.

Those steps together will lead you to the type of frame/type of sunglasses you need to get.

Key Features Of Good Budget Cycling Sunglasses

It is important to remember that even though budget cycling sunglasses may not offer the same features as more expensive models, they can still provide protection from the sun and the elements when you’re on your bike.

You should try to look for three key features when shopping for a pair of budget cycling sunglasses:

1) Protects Eyes From UV Radiation: If you plan on being in the sun for long periods of time, it is crucial that you purchase a pair of cycling sunglasses with UV protection.

2) Fashionable Options For All Ages: If you are looking for something to wear while biking or just wearing around town, there are many different options available to meet your needs. You can find glasses that are fashionable but also have safety features inside them.

3) Budget-Friendly: It should be very affordable. Ideally under $40 makes for a great price for budget cycling glasses.